Why Join Us?
Consider Our Culture

Our culture is based on the following fundamental values, which reflect in all our decisions and actions:

  • Integrity.  Encourage everyone to tell the truth and encourage candidness in others.  State disagreement, even when it takes courage.  Share personal values and earn the respect of teammates by acting fairly and demonstrating credibility.
  • Respect for Others.  Show respect for all people.  Value and promote diversity (race, gender, physical ability, age, sexual orientation, and other differences).  Recognize and give credit to teammates by being generous with praise.  Strive for team wins to build team spirit and relationships.  Build alliances and gain rapport.  Collaborate and insist on win-win solutions.  Resolve conflict, while retaining relationships.  Conduct business in a professional manner.
  • Commitment to Excellence.   Consistently deliver assigned work and projects successfully and exceed goals.  Motivate self and encourage others to produce timely and accurate results.  Show initiative and be action oriented.  Eager to step up to challenges.
  • Sense of Responsibility.  Always willing to accept responsibility for personal actions and objectives regardless of outcome.  Ask, “What more can I do?” rather than look for reasons why something did not get done.  Resist group pressure in defense of convictions.


NBS strives to maintain the highest values and sustain an enjoyable work environment for all employees.  If this sounds like a culture you are interested in surrounding yourself with, review our Job Positions page and apply online today!