Consumer Bankruptcy Servicing
Ease Your Bankruptcy Pain

If it’s becoming painfully obvious bankruptcy has become more challenging, complex and expensive to manage, and it’s draining your time and resources, let National Bankruptcy Services (NBS) take over. We are fully equipped to offer the additional manpower, technological support, and legal guidance you need to successfully navigate dangerous territory — and subsequently improve loan performance.

Don’t Settle for Less

NBS offers a complete suite of bankruptcy servicing solutions for consumer lenders and servicers. This includes prioritizing new referrals according to the ever-changing compliance landscape and creating customized servicing strategies for them. By utilizing electronic docket reviews, NBS reviews and responds to all critical case activity.  Our integrated bankruptcy rules engine incorporates national and local rules, jurisdictional and trustee requirements, and client requirements, which allows us to provide compliant solutions for case management.

We also verify account status and provide detailed reviews of the debtor’s Chapter 13 plan, schedules, and statements. This detailed review is vital to NBS’ assessment on the filing of compliant proofs of claim and the successful negotiating of inadequate plan provisions on your behalf.

Our Chapter 7 services are focused on obtaining Reaffirmation Agreements that benefit both creditors and debtors. Our reaffirmation agreement solicitation program utilizes carefully crafted call strategies that are designed to target effective contact with debtors counsel in a timely manner.  Our goal is to increase your reaffirmation rates, resulting in maximized loan performance. Our process also improves customer service by placing loans back into normal servicing. NBS clients realize an increase in cash flow and a reduction of net losses by capitalizing on the reaffirmation agreement process afforded creditors in Chapter 7 filings.

Throughout the bankruptcy process, you’ll also have direct access into the NBS website where you can find detailed case status, bankruptcy information, and portfolio reporting.

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The following consumer bankruptcy services are also available:

  • Monitoring for stay lift by operation of law
  • Identification of preferential lien issues and client-specific file closing events
  • Solicitation of proof of insurance
  • Redemption - negotiate payoff amount per client guidelines (SOW)
  • National litigation management services (motions, objections, adversary proceedings)