Foreclosure Processing
Done Now, Done Right

The heat is on. But if you’re here reading this website, you probably already know that.  And you’re looking for immediate relief.

We understand. Foreclosures are a complex process. And while the basic rules of the “game” haven’t changed much, efforts to enforce those rules have been dramatically increased. You and your vendors cannot cut corners in this environment.

NBS has made significant investments in management, training, technology and security, all designed to support compliant procedures in this volatile arena.

Attention to Details

NBS provides both direct trustee foreclosure services and back-office services for law firms specializing in foreclosure processing. You’ll find it’s the most comprehensive and compliant suite of component services available. And because we have a best-in-class servicing system, we can closely monitor all case developments, facilitate information and directives to legal counsel, and provide detailed, up-to-the-minute information on the status of a specific case or an entire portfolio.

Ready to get started?

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NBS has the knowledge and technology to provide the ancillary services required for compliant foreclosure processing:

  • Affidavits
  • Declarations
  • Confirmation of Standing
  • Non-judicial processing
  • Notary compliance
  • Borrower communication
  • Military Searches
  • Consumer advocacy awareness
  • Risk management evaluation and advice