Mortgage Bankruptcy Servicing
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You have better things to do than managing and administering risky and complex bankruptcy processes. Your resources can be better allocated into critical areas other than bankruptcy. Fortunately for you, National Bankruptcy Services (NBS) doesn’t. This is what we do!

Because your hard-earned reputation is at stake here, you can’t afford to experiment with inexperienced staff and outdated technology. When the risks are high and so are the potential costs, putting the right people, processes and technology (i.e., NBS) in place from the very beginning is the only way to keep both in check. We can help ensure the successful and compliant outcome you (and industry regulators) are looking for.

Leave the Details to Us

Take advantage of NBS’ expertise in mortgage bankruptcy servicing today, and you’ll be back focusing on your core competencies in no time.

Bankruptcy servicing is what we do. So we’re able to give each bankruptcy file our undivided attention. We stay on top of court proceedings, critical milestones and processes, and review and handle all bankruptcy-related correspondence. We also ensure account payments and fees are properly collected, reconciled and applied until the account can be closed. In short, we do everything your in-house bankruptcy department would (or should) do… and a lot more.

Because complete transparency is the goal at all times, you’ll also have direct access into the NBS website where you can find detailed case-by-case and portfolio reporting.

Ready to get started?

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NBS offers a comprehensive suite of value-added services:

  • Payment application advice
  • Discharge audits
  • Portfolio acquisition audits
  • Call center services
  • National litigation management services (motions, objections, adversary proceedings)