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Let’s face it. Keeping your own full-time, in-house legal counsel – one with knowledge of and experience with bankruptcy law on federal, state and jurisdictional levels – probably doesn’t make much sense for your business, either from a personnel or cost perspective. Yet at times, you need exactly what such a team provides, i.e., relief from the day-to-day burdens associated with managing a large, overwhelming caseload. You need National Bankruptcy Services (NBS).

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Because timely, appropriate action is critical to the overall performance of a bankruptcy portfolio, having access to a responsive, hands-on legal team ultimately saves you countless wasted hours and dollars.

NBS electronically monitors all court dockets for any event that may impact your case(s). When such an event occurs, we’ll try to resolve it first through pre-emptive administrative action and aggressive negotiation, avoiding litigation when possible. When it isn’t, we refer the matter for legal action.

On your behalf, we find counsel in your area – familiar with your specific jurisdictional compliance – ready to spring into action, initiating the appropriate and necessary litigation, and monitoring all performance and developments.

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We find counsel in your area – familiar with your specific jurisdictional compliance.