Why NBS?
Let Us Count the Ways

Have you seen the news today? More uncertain financial times ahead. More regulatory scrutiny. More game-changing requirements in technology. For any institution juggling an overwhelming volume of bankruptcy loans, we all know what these reports mean. More headaches and stress for you and your already limited resources, and more time spent away from your core competencies!

What you really need is more National Bankruptcy Services (NBS). Turn over your bankruptcy cases today, and let us manage your portfolio. Once you give us the go-ahead to start doing what we do best, it frees up your resources to return once again to what it is you do best.

Our Specialties

What NBS does best is offer you significant savings. By leveraging technology to its fullest advantage, we’re able to maximize loan performance in bankruptcy, minimize loan losses and reduce the need for litigation.

NBS serves as a trusted partner to a variety of loan servicers — national banks and affiliates, regional banks, mortgage servicers, high end credit unions and captive auto finance companies – who need someone dedicated to acting on their behalf in a space that seems challenging and complex to those on the outside. Because bankruptcy management and administration are highly specialized functions requiring highly specialized training, knowledge, oversight and technology, it takes an expert to get the kind of results you want and that are legally available to you. It takes NBS.

Even in the extremely dynamic bankruptcy environment, NBS consistently delivers measurable financial value to our clients while recognizing the absolute need for compliance with the judicial process. And we do it in a way that’s completely transparent, fits your specific servicing strategy and achieves your business objectives. To date, we’ve helped dozens of high-profile mortgage and consumer clients.

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Advantages of Working with NBS

  • In-house legal department
  • Full legal support in all bankruptcy jurisdictions through agreement with Bonial & Associates, P.C.
  • National recognition from Debtor's Counsel, Trustees and Judges
  • Advanced proprietary technology
  • Proven implementation methodology
  • Robust performance measurement and related reporting